The history of Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is one of the brand that I find to be very classy and quite grown up, since I started getting in to make up and beauty this is one of the top brands out there and has definitely been a lot of people’s favorite, this is also one of my grandmother’s favorite beauty brand for over 30 years! So after reading a researching a little more in to the brand I think is a very interesting thing to read, it’s always nice to see the history of each brand and how they have grown over the years!


Estee Lauder latest model, Kendall Jenner

Estee Lauder

Born Josephine Esther Mentzer in 1908, Estee Lauder was brought up in the unispiring area of Corona, Queens. In 1924, at the age of 16, Lauder began working for her uncle, a chemist, making skincare products and selling them to beauty salons. She eventually began experimenting with her own recipes, from the beginning she had a clear vision and it was classy. In the 1930s she decided to focus on creating luxurious packaging for her products, she also changes her name to Estee Lauder, it wasn’t until 1946 that she launched Estee Lauder Cosmetics.

Her retail strategy was to sell in high-end department stores, which matched her view of the brands customer, a refined woman who wanted high quality products and packaging. Like her rival Charles Revson, Estee was a real face to face saleswoman and put in the work to make her products take off, by visiting the stores and handselling herself. She put  great stock in touching the customer, applying cream to their hand or wrist, and hooking them. Later on, even when the company had exploded, she would often insist on training her own staff to work in department store concessions. Estee Lauder’s advertising fit in with her vision unlike Revlon’s all singing and shouting color campaigns, she employed a sense of sophistication with black and white photography, and by using the same elegant blond model,Karen Graham, over many years.


In 1953 Estee Lauder had it’s first really successful product with Youth Dew, a bath oil that acted like a long lasting perfume due to it’s high concentration of essential oils, which lingered on the skin. It became instantly popular, partly as it was seen as a good value. But it was the launch of Clinique in 1969, the first “dermatologist tested, fragrance free cosmetic brand” that changed everything for Estee Lauder. Based on  a three step skincare routine (wash, exfoliate, moisturize) Clinique was groundbreaking in it’s “scientific” approach to skincare. It also employed a novel advertising campaign, using elegant still life photos of the products-an approach it maintains to this day. In 1976 the company introduced Clinique skin supplies for men, the first men’s range to come from a women’s brand.


Estee Lauder herself 🙂

Estee Lauder died in 2004, having outlived all her rivals, not only a formidable woman in her own right, the company is still hugely successful financially, and a major beauty presence across the world, but it continues to be majority owned by the Lauder company which is a rare feat. The Estee Lauder company owns more that 25 brands, among them are giants such as Mac cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, Smashbox, and Tom Ford Beauty.


“If You Give, You Get”

Estee Lauder

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Know your undertone, get the right shade!

This is another thing that has been an issue for a lot of us (including me) when we all first started make up or just trying out foundations and concealer. Of course the color of foundations and concealers are important but another important thing that could easily change the way it looked if you chose the wrong shades are…undertones.

Let’s start by clearing up the confusion around skin tone vs. skin undertone. Your skin’s tone can be described as being porcelain, ivory, medium, olive, deep, etc. Your skin’s undertone is beneath the surface and can be described as being cool, warm, or neutral. Don’t buy in to the assumption that fair-skinned girls are cool and dark-skinned girls are warm, this is one of the biggest undertone misconceptions out there! If you’re fair, it’s possible for you to have a warm undertone, and if you’re dark, it’s possible for you to have a cool undertone.


There are 3 undertones all together

  • warm
  • cool
  • neutral

Checking your undertone

1.Vein check


Take a good look at the veins on your forearm…do they look blue or green? If they appear blue, you probably have a cool undertone. If they appear green, you probably have a warm undertone. If they look teal (a mixture of blue and green) you probably have a neutral undertone. It’s worth noting that a person with warm undertones doesn’t actually have green veins, but rather that blue veins are being viewed through yellow/olive/chocolate (warm)

2. Jewelry test


Put a silver bracelet on one arm and a gold bracelet on the other…which one looks better? Note, we didn’t ask which one you like better…try to put your personal preferences aside to identify whether silver or gold complements your skin the most. Does gold make you look sallow while silver makes you look radiant? You probably have a cool undertone. Does silver make you look dull while gold makes you glow? You probably have a warm undertone. Can you rock both silver and gold just the same? You probably have a neutral undertone.

Why is it important to know your undertone?

Shopping for makeup can be a hassle as it is, so knowing your skin’s undertone will help you narrow down your selections to products that suit you best. Don’t worry, your skin’s undertone does not affect your eye makeup options. Girls with cool undertones can wear warm eyeshadows and vice versa, the eyeshadow shades that look most flattering on you will have more to do with your hair/eye color and your personal preferences. Where your skin’s undertone does come in to play is when it comes to face makeup, like foundation, concealer, contour, and blush.


So if you have a warm undertone (like me) and you use a cool undertone foundation, it will then appear ashy and greyish. I know because it had happened to me before and it doesn’t look flattering at all!! I hope you are able to find your undertone and find the right shade that suits you.

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Zoeva Rose golden brush set review


Hello again guys! I’ve been wanting to do a review about make up brushes for quite sometime now because it has become something that every starts paying more attention to it (it does make a HUGE difference when using a brush and not using one plus you can do more creative make up looks too!).  There are so many types of make up brushes such as foundation brushes, contour brushes, blending brushes, buffing brushes and so on. So finally I chose something that has a bit of both face brush and eye brush and a BEAUTIFUL packaging!



1.104/Powder brush

This brush is one of the softest brush I have ever tried! The bristles are nicely packed and has a round dome shape, I love using it to brush away my baking powder and just use it to set my face. The brush is not to big or long like some other powder brushes which could be really huge but I find that the shape is perfect for my face and it doesn’t shed!! A huge plus for that.



2. 102/Silk Finish

This is a round foundation brush and again a really nicely dense but soft brush, I used to use my hands to apply foundation but after using foundation brushes I totally change my mind! I like using this brush to buff my foundation in circular motion, it blends really nicely and doesn’t leave any streaks on my face at all, so if you are a beginner you won’t have a problem using this at all!



3. 110/Face Shape

At first I don’t really know what this brush is for but then I found out that this is a contour brush, it is very dense and is very similar with the face shape brush but a lot smaller. I find that it works better with cream contours because of the dense bristles, when using with powders it picked up quite a lot of product and is quite hard to control the amount of product you use. But for me I like using this to apply powder foundation over specific areas that I need more coverage and because of the dense bristles it gives the perfect coverage for me!



4. 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek

This is a lovely blush brush, the size is nice and great for on the go. It does blend and pick up the product really nicely and is quite easy to use, it can also be use as a contour brush because of the angle shape.



5. 142/Concealer Buffer

This is a round top concealer brush and very densely packed, it blends really nicely and I enjoy using this to blend out concealer around my eyes and my nose area because of the shape.



6. 227/Luxe Soft Definer

This is one of my most favorite brush of all! I get many use out of it and it is very soft! This is great for your crease and eye lids, it blends beautifully and you are able to packed a lot of product with this, basically it is an all in one brush for the eyes! If I have to recommend one brush it will be this, that’s how much I love it.



7. 231/Petit Crease

This brush has a more pointy tip which makes it great if you want to darken your crease or add more detail to the eyes, I like using this to add some darker colors on the outer edge of my eyes as well as my lower lash line



8. 317/Wing liner

This is the smallest brush of all and has an angle shape which makes it a lot easy to make a wing liner hence the name! I also like using this for applying my brow products as well because of the shape and it gives a really nice precise look.



This is a beautiful brush set which contains everything to make a full face of make up, it is great for travelling and I think it is ideal for beginners because you have everything that you can start right here in this set!

Minnie 🙂


My skincare routine

Hello again guys! After posting my previous blog I decided to do this skincare blog and tell you what I use and why I enjoy using it!


1. Cleanser

This is The Face Shop rice water bright facial wash, the consistency is very nice and you get a lot of it in one tube. There are small particles of rice which is also great because I’m able to scrub my face as well and it leaves my face nice and smooth after washing it off.


This suites every skin type but if your skin is very sensitive this might not be for you because of the small rice particles
2. Serum

I used to think that using a serum is unnecessary but after I tried the Innisfree green tea seed serum I totally change my mind. This product leaves my skin feeling really nice and smooth, the smell is also very pleasant and not too strong and it sinks in to the skin quite quickly. I feel that after using this serum my blemishes do fade a lot more quicker which is great!!

This is one of the best selling products from their brands, and it will last you for quite a long time!


I use 2 kinds of moisturizer, one is a lotion and the other one is a type of cream.

The first one I use is the Kose sekkisei supreme moisturizer, it’s a kind of lotion but the consistency is very rich ( you do not need much at all!) I have oily skin but sometimes I do get some dry patches around my face expecially my eye area so I love using this because it gives A LOT of moisture so this is something that people with dry skin would like.

The smell is alright and you get a nice pump bottle (but it might not be practical for travelling)
Next is my Innisfree grean tea seed cream, first of all the smell is amazing (it’s the same scent as the serum) and the consistency is so nice!! Sometimes I use this alone if my skin is feeling quite oily, and I like to massage it in to my skin. This gives a nice amount of moisture so I think that oily skin people would like this one better.


The tube is made of plastic so it is not too heavy to travel with

4. Sunscreen

This is what I always use in the morning after all of my skinscare because I finally realize that my face will definitely burn due to Thailand’s sun if I don’t protect my skin at all. So the first one is the Anessa perfect UV sunscreen aqua booster and the Kose sun protect essence gel. They both have SPF 50+ PA++++ but the different is the consistency, Anessa is more liquidy and is a lotion, Kose is a gel consistency and is great for hot and humid days.


5.lip balm

This is the Nivea fruity shine lip balm and it smells of strawberry!! It feels nice on the lips and really hydrate it.



I normally mask my face 2-3 times a week depending on what my face feels like and these are the innisfree mask, my favorite ones are tea tree, green tea and aloe. All of them makes my face really nice and plump so I enjoy doing this every week!


So this is it for my skincare routine I hope you find something that you might want to try and find this helpful!