Trendy beauty products in Korean series!

Hello again and well come back! It’s been a while since my last blog upload but now I’m here with a little bit of change 🙂 My previous blog post mainly focus on beauty and make up stuff but now I’m adding more content to my blog! (even with my newer contents they will be connected to beauty)

Recently I’ve been watching quite a lot of korean series, I was able to finish 4 series in the past month (I’ve got about a month holiday so that give me loads of free time!) I usually watch some series from time to time and after watching for a few years I’ve noticed a lot of trends going online, but what I see a lot especially on social media is all the make up trends, beauty trends, what clothes and hairstyles does the actor or actress wearing which I find has grown A LOT through out the years.

People tend to get all hyped up with what product do the actor and actress use in their series and often went out and by the same product (I’m also one of them haha) so after seeing this different brands would come a sponsor series so they can use the brands product in the series with people using more and more internet and social media this is a pretty smart move for the brands.

We could see that they would normally promote the product while the series are airing, this is how they make a HUGE impact on their sales and often use social media to promote as well.

I’ve gathered up some of my favorites k0rean dramas and different make up looks and products that the actresses use in the series

  1. Descendant of the sun


Everyone must have heard about this series, this is one of the biggest hits in 2016. With the huge budget production (which paid off really well) and great cast. The main actress Kang Mo-Yeon played by Song Hye Kyo, played as a doctor in this series and with her fresh yet minimal looks has made eveyone wanted to do the same make up look as she did.

One of the main sponsor in this series is Laneige, personally I’ve known Laneige for quite a long time now and really like their skincare products but after seeing this series I’ve become more and more interested in their make up lines. The biggest hit has to be the two tone lip bar which contains 2 lipstick colors – a light shade and a darker shade. The shade that Song Hye Kyo uses are No.11  Juicy Pop and  No.14 Dear Pink and to be honest… this is also the reason why I got the lipstick too..yes I ended up buying it because of this series and so did my friends and many girls out there! XD

2. You who came from the stars

People who watch this would know about the To manager fever, but let’s be real the actress (Jun Jihyun) in this movies is so stunning! She looks great with any kind of clothes she wears and not to talk about the make up in this series,  she plays as Cheon Songyi who is a superstar in the series (in real life too) so we know that the hair and make up will definitely be on point.

This was a really big hit back in 2013 and people were going crazy about the make up looks, for example the YSL Rouge pur couture No.52 was sold out every where including in Thailand people had to ordered from ebay which the price had doubled up but in the end the real brand who sponsored the series is actually from Amorepacific, this just goes to tell you how things can get really hyped up and become a huge trend just from people talking about it online.

The actual lipstick is from a brand called IOPE which is a part of the Amorepacific corporation and there are 3 shades that she uses in this series No.44 forever pink, No.18 classic red and No.23 violet pink.

3.Legend of the blue sea

This series had just aired their last episode a few weeks ago with 2 big star cast, Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun you guess it.. the feedback is great!! With Jun Jihyun playing as a mermaid in this drama and with her acting skills it’s just what I need. From my research this series also has a lot of sponsors including Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Ysl and so on, but the make up that she actually uses in the series is Hera.

I remember watching one of the episode and while she was getting ready the shots shows us how she uses different product from the brand…smart move again! It includes the Hera UV mist cushion, Rouge Holic lipstick in 147 Supreme pink and sensual lip serum glow in No.1 Love blossom and a few other skincare products.

and last but now least let’s talk about hairstyles! The trending hairstyle for the main actress has to be the see through bangs, from descendant of the sun to Doctors.

With it feminine yet natural look it gives an appearance as if you had just woken up with this beautiful effortless bangs which in reality takes some time to style it 🙂 It had become a big trend that now eveyone is rocking bangs and thanks to the power of social media where we are all able to keep up with all the trends going on..and maybe even make one! But seriously these see through bangs is now getting so popular that even my friends also decided to have one too 🙂

From watching a lot of series and looking up online about these things I can tell you that TV series or actors have a very big impact to the society, they can influence a wide group of audience which is great way of marketing your products and branding in general, that is why we see a lot of famous people in ads or as a brand ambassadors because they know that they will be able to gain a lot of customers from these celebrity.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next blog!!

Minnie XOXO

One thought on “Trendy beauty products in Korean series!

  1. Thritsawan says:

    I used to think that I want to buy those makeup stuff so I may look a little bit like the actress too. Lol. So bad, it doesn’t match my style. Thus, I realize that it’s kind of advertising from sponsor of the drama that influences audiences to buy the product.


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