Make up styles – Western x Korean

We all know that Korean trends such as beauty, fashion, food are really popular right now, to me I also enjoy Korean trends as well as western beauty styles as well. To be honest I kind of gravitate more towards the western style (apart from the overly lined lips, that is just now my style) and I think it would be fun to show the differences between both 2 different style, showing how each culture and society have their own differences.





Western – girls tend to choose a foundation cream that is warm or cool in color to match various skin tones and hair colors. Examples of warm colors are pumpkin, camel, peach, brown and olive. Some cool colors are blue, gray, pink. Sometimes, lighter and darker shades are mixed to match the complexion.

Korean – Asian girls tend use a brighter color foundation, since it will highlight their face and match the naturally black hair color. A famous Korean product used by Asian girls is BB cream, which stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. There is also CC cream, which stands for “color correcting” or “color control”.



Western – Contouring and bronzing are huge trends in American makeup. The purpose of contouring is to enhance the structure of your face (cheekbone, jaw, forehead etc ). Highlighting is when you want a lighter shade to make parts of your face stands out. While bronzing is used to make the skin appear more tan and bronze hence the name, as we all know western people enjoy being tan because they find it more flattering and healthy looking.

Korean – They use very subtle amount of contouring product and mostly focus with cream contour rather than powders because they appear more natural on the skin. Korean people don’t use bronzer to bronze their skin, they want their skin to appear light because they find it more youthful looking.



maxresdefault (1).jpg

Western – They are well known for using different kinds of powders to set their face, loose powder, foundation powder or compact powders are very popular and often used in most of their daily routines. The most common thing we can see now is baking, westerners enjoy baking their face because this technique keeps their face make up lasting longer.


Korean – They use minimal powder on their face and often leave their skin looking quite dewy. Most of the time Korean people enjoy making their skin looking very glowy and dewy because of the dry weather, so they tend to not set their entire face just on small specific areas.



Western – Western girls tend to focus their blush towards their cheekbone to give them a more lifted look to their face, colors are used in a wide variety of shades – Pink, orange, peach, mauve, purple tones, even berry colors depending on the season.

Korean – Korean girls would focus their blush around the apples of their cheeks, giving them a fresh and youthful appearance. They would mostly use pink, orange, or peachy colors.


Eyebrows – This has to be one of the obvious difference we could see from both syles

Western – We all know that eyebrows on fleek was a thing and it is still now, western girls would normally draw on their brows quite full and arched. Some tend to go for a natural look and won’t carved their brows with concealer but would use small brush strokes to make the brows look a bit more bushy, some may not like a full on arch brows and would go for a slight curve to it.

Korean – It is totally the opposite from the Western style, Koreans would go for a straight eyebrows, very light stroke and would normally use a few shades lighter than their actual hair color. Now some Korean go for a slight curve with their brows but they still keep the natural brow look theme.



Western – It is now a huge trend with highlighters, most girls would go full on with their highlights, ‘Blinding is key’ say a lot of the people. They enjoy the reflects that it gives to their skin, using a light brush to their face gives them a healthy glow while they also like to pack it on giving a more glamorous look to it. Mainly focusing on their cheekbone, brow bone, cupids bow and nose bridge.

Korean – Natural is goal, same with highlight, Korean women wants to create a subtle but healthy/dewy glow to their skin. They would use cream highlighters rather than powder highlighters to give a very natural but dewy effect. They also focus on their nose bridge and their cheek bones and sometimes their forehead and lips.




Western – this makeup style really tries to bring out the creases and contour of the eyes with highlighting color on the brow bone, darker shadow to the outer corner of the lid and to the crease. There’s a lot more room for creativity with eye shadows here. We often see a lot of colorful shades with a combination of mattes, shimmers, glitters and even rhinestones. The look, of course, isn’t finished without bold lashes and visible mascara. The bolder the better!


Korean – That’s not to say Asian girls don’t have fun with different eye makeup looks. But since they tend to have large lid space or a single-eyed lid, a single bright color is usually used to highlight the eyes and create that glowing innocent look. Eyeliner is more often used in Asian girls’ makeup routines. There are many types of eyeliner and so many ways to apply them! Feeling sexy? Try a cat-eyed shape. Innocent? Lightly line the top eyelid. Fashion-forward? Wing your eyeliner out to the sides. Curled lashes are extremely important to open up the eyes with light mascara. Natural looking makeup is more preferred.



Western – The Kylie lips are what everyone is trying to achieve. They would over line their lips to make it appear more full and often use mattes shade of nudes, red, dark berry or pinks and peaches and would sometime add a touch of gloss to make it very plump.

Korean – Gradient lips are the top look in Asian girl makeup style. Many colors are used but pink and peach are the most popular. Concealer is usually used instead of lipliner to tone down the lip color and create the illusion of ombre lip, where the color is only strong in the center of the lip. It’s pretty much the opposite of Western makeup style.


We all see now that both of them have very different styles but that doesn’t mean that they can’t try other make up styles. Some koreans like western make up styles and some Westerners like Korean make up styles, it creates different cultural diffusion towards different countries, with people exchanging and experiencing new cultures and trends we are able to like more things that what our society decides. We could say that make up has no boundaries because everyone can enjoy it no matter if you are a girl, boy, transgender old or young.


Minnie XOXO






3 thoughts on “Make up styles – Western x Korean

  1. jekitaxjm20216 says:

    I love western makeup but it does not suit with my face lol. Actually, I did not wear makeup too much because I know nothing about that. But after reading your blog, I will try to be Kylie for once.


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