The influence of Youtubers

Hello againn! So, I have to admit that I’m really addicted to watching youtube and I know a lot of you are as well! One of the reason is YouTube’s ability to create stars is no longer a surprise, especially after seeing their impact on huge YouTube-focused events like VidCon. After ten years, the video platform is entrenched in the minds of today’s youth that what someone says on the world’s second largest search engine gains not only respect, but also tons of engagement in comment threads.

Rather than using mass marketing, these influencers come in on the needs of a particular demographic with content focused around niche interests. YouTubers learn from what their fan’s needs, meaning they know exactly how to market to that particular demographic.


But, just like celebrities, these masters of social video can use their powers for good. In fact, some take their influence outside of YouTube’s borders and expand upon their time in the spotlight. Or, more importantly, can partner with brands to create a mutual influence with targeted audiences.

That powerful knowledge and the established loyalty provided by the channel means advertiser who work with the YouTuber can target large audiences in a way that will not disrupt the way they watch and engage with videos.

The value that comes with having the resources to develop a video market on top of public speaking skills can be valuable in order to court future buyers.

Let’s take a look of some of my favorite and very famous youtubers 🙂


Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (born March 28, 1990 [age 27]), widely known on YouTube by her channel name, Zoella, is a British YouTube personality who creates content based on her beauty-guru lifestyle and makes vlogs about such. In addition to being a YouTube sensation with over 12,000,000 subscribers, she is also a blogger on her website too. Her current schedule includes uploading a video most Sundays on her main channel, Zoella, and often uploading vlogs or extras/bloopers from her main channel videos on Morezoella


She has produced two novels and holds the rights of the ‘Girl Online’ franchise. These books respectively are called ‘Girl Online’ and its follow-up, ‘Girl Online: On Tour’. As well as these books she has her own beauty line named ‘Zoella Beauty’ which she is constantly adding new products to. In March 2015, to promote Sport Relief, Zoe appeared on a special of The Great British Bake Off alongside other celebrities.

A lot of people enjoy watching her because of her fun personality.



Michelle Phan

Arguably, Michelle Phan has done the most for her personal DIY beauty brand in the business world. Though she started with makeup tutorials on YouTube (I remember watching her since I was 13!), Michelle never felt completely tied down to one channel to connect with her fans. What she does that’s unique is integrate YouTube into her own business ventures.She reaches audiences interested in learning more about fashion or trying on new makeup styles for certain occasions. With her makeup tutorial videos, Phan showcases a lot of different makeup and fashion brands and what kinds of secondary occasions to use them for.

She fills up her videos with fashion tips, and along the way adds reasons to purchase and use the products she promotes. These DIY beauty tips provide value for girls who think a stylist is wasteful, or just would like to learn new techniques. It’s an opportunity for girls to get expert recommendations on what kinds of makeup to buy together and how to use it from a trusted source.


Michelle has startedher own make up company called ‘Em cosmetics’ where she designs and took years to create her products and working with the brand ‘Ipsy’ where people can register and get samples from different brands to try out.



Ranking number 2 in the Variety study, up second is Let’s Play gamer Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. PewDiePie plays a variety of games ranging from indie horror games to triple A games. He separates his playthroughs into digestible segments for fans to watch at their own leisure.

For the most part, PewDiePie takes a different approach than Michelle Phan: He brings the outside world to his channel. He’s had a lot of press coverage lately because basically, he sits around and talks about video games on YouTube.

PewDiePie’s special sauce comes from how he plays games. His bios just about everywhere note that his videos are dotted with profanity. While critics in the media dislike this, that’s exactly what his fans come to his channel for. It’s Let’s Play style, which basically means he treats his audience like a friend and they watch him react to key gaming moments.

There’s a lot of trial and error in video games, and gamers benefit from him failing first before trying out the games themselves. It’s easy to watch his videos because it’s a get a taste of how the games will make people feel or react before actually purchasing the game. Let’s Play style videos capitalize on the interest.


Pewdiepie is ranked number 1 on YouTube based on subscribers alone, meaning every video published is guaranteed to get a lot of views. Videos involving horror and/or indie games prove especially reactive to his fans. The power of popularity has been likened to the Oprah’s book club, where anything he touches gets a boost in sales. If he talks about an upcoming game release, the influence triggers games like “Surgeon Simulator” and the subsequent “Goat Simulator” to receive a notable amount of coverage and increase game purchases.



Honorary Mention: Tyler Oakley
Just in 2014, Tyler Oakley hosted a Grammy livestream, a Barbie launch for Fifth Harmony, represented Pepsi at the Super Bowl, Met Obama, Interviewed Michelle Obama, worked the red carpet at the MTV awards, hosted a live listening of the soundtrack of The Fault in Our Stars, raised $500,000 for the Trevor Project on his birthday, became a Taco Bell ambassador, and started his own personal tour.

Tyler Oakley’s audience and hosting expertise has turned him into a bridge between live events and the millennials that many large brands want to target. While this YouTube star has risen past many of his peers, this brand ambassador is working his way into pop culture brands. One of the reasons why fans enjoy watching him is because of his fun and bubbly personality, you can always get a laugh by watching him!



The Importance Of Video Influence
The strengths of all three influencers can be seen with their average view counts on their videos and with their subscription base. Investing in developing a relationship with YouTube celebrities can pay off in the long run as their subscriptions continue to grow and they continue to learn more about their video demographics.

YouTube as a platform will keep evolving, and new users will enter the spotlight every year, so it’s best to have a community manager keep a pulse on growing trends on the world’s second largest search engine.

But the best way to judge a rising star comes with the comment section. YouTubers develop their influence best with an engaged audience likely to share their content. This is what influencers have to offer brands. Each video released is guaranteed to get high views and has the potential go viral.

So if you want to be a youtuber just go for it! But when we get known by the society there will always be negativity towards you just remember that we are unable to impress everybody in this world so just be nice and be yourself 🙂


Minnie XOXO

Fashion: Does social media affect our buying decision?

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about how media has an impact on fashion. After thinking about it, I came to realize that how we dress nowadays are the stuffs that are mostly in trend or what we can see through a lot of social medias.


maxresdefault (2).jpg


I have never really been able to figure out why I love wearing white, black, navy and grey. By the sound of my color palate you would think I’m an unhappy, dark individual but, I’m actually quite the opposite. I’m outgoing and bubbly, yet I love wearing less color  or even all black outfits. So what is the deal? I realized that I wear almost all neutrals because it is what the celebrities and fashion bloggers wear. Tell me the last time you saw Kim Kardashian, the Olsen twins, Kanye West or Cara Delevingne in bright colored clothing…? It would probably be pretty hard to do. I am very intrigued by fashion and so I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and fashion icons on social media. It is natural to want to dress like celebrities and wear what they are wearing and when social media is constantly advertising their looks it begins to affect our buying decisions. We start to gravitate toward the top that looks like the one Lauren Conrad was photographed in or the jacket that Jay Z wore during his On The Run Tour. Seeing what celebrities are wearing has never been easier than now.

The fashion industry has greatly benefited from the expansion of social media, as it has been able to grow bigger than ever before. Fashion and social media have coalesced together to become one powerful conglomerate. Designers and brands are finding new inventive ways to use social media to boost their business and exposure. For example, many fashion shows do Live tweeting to instantly showcase their lines and generate hundreds of ‘favorites’ and ‘retweets’ that create hype for the brand.



Twitter has also allowed fashionistas across the globe to get an inside look into Fashion Week through live Tweets. Last year, designers, brands, writers and celebrities provided live Tweeting insight on Fashion Week that made it simple for people to stay informed. Some trending hashtags included #NYFW (New York Fashion Week), #MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and #FNO (Fashion Night Out). By checking out these hashtags and keeping up with live Tweets people were able to see the hottest looks on the runways only seconds after they were debuted.


When your Twitter feed is cluttered with floral prints, Birkenstocks, crop tops, and metallic accessories you may feel like you need to dress in those clothes in order to fit in or look “trendy” and fashionable, that is if you choose to look trendy. If I am being honest I am guilty of owning most of the things on that list. If I think about it though I would never have gone shopping for them and picked them out on my own because, quite frankly, most of them are strange and something I won’t gravitate to as much. The only reason I wear them is because Twitter, Intsagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have told me they are in style, since I’ve seen them all over social media.


Pinterest is perhaps one of the most influential social media sites when it comes to fashion. If there is one board that nearly every single girl has on her Pinterest it is a style board. Whether it is named, ‘My Style,’ ‘My Closet,’ ‘Dream Closet,’ ‘Fashion,’ or anything related to fashion, you know it exists! Pinterest has fueled social medias influence on our buying decision with its thousands of adorable outfits that get pinned again and again.

Many women, including myself, use Pinterest as a fashion inspiration site. We pin outfits that we like then we try to recreate them. Whenever I am having one of those moments when I look in my overfilled closet and think, “I have NOTHING to wear” I look on Pinterest for some help. I wouldn’t have thought to pair the floral skirt with a striped tank but on Pinterest it looks so cute! And just like that, I am swayed into wearing something I would not have thought about wearing on my own. That is how Pinterest works. It subliminally gets us to dress the way the models do in the pictures. Seeing multiple friends also pin the same outfit reassures us that it is a good look and it makes us think we should dress that way too.



Beauty Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers and Celebrity has a HUGE impact, with the huge amount of followers they have it is easy for them to persuade us into liking and buying stuff, that is why we can see that a lot of them get sent PR packages to review it online or pay them to wear their clothes because these brands knows that it is most likely to get a huge number of sales by using this strategy.

In addition to fashion bloggers and celebrities, fashion brands are quickly earning a strong presence on Instagram. L2 Think Tank, a digital-focused intelligence service, surveyed 249 high-standing fashion brands in 2014 and concluded that 93 percent of them had Instagram accounts. When we follow these fashion brands on Instagram we become familiarized with their products and style, which then further sways our buying decisions.

Shopping through the racks would be much more difficult if we didn’t have social media feeding us the latest fashion trends and looks. There would be a lot more uncertainty in your purchases of crop tops, metallic accessories and camouflage print purses. But, because we are exposed to fashion on nearly every social media platform we are told these things are trendy and appropriate to buy.


I ask myself, what would our closets and the fashion industry look like without social media? For one, there would probably be considerably less daring, super in-trend outfits worn by us everyday people. Without the reassurance of ‘likes’, pins, and retweets we wouldn’t be as confident about wearing bright blue mirrored sunglasses or floppy wool hats. I also believe that we would dress much differently from one another. Our outfits would illustrate a greater amount of individuality. Tell me if I’m wrong but, I think every college girl has at least one pair of Nike sneakers, Ray-Ban aviators, white/black skinny jeans, cutoff high-waisted jean shorts, and a dress. One of the reasons why this happens is because at the end of a week an entire sorority will have pinned the exact same outfit. If social media and fashion were not as embedded in each other we would also have to go back to reading magazines to find out the new cutting-edge trends and styles.

I personally like that social media has taken on such a big role in the fashion industry. It keeps me up to date on everything fashion, gives me outfit inspiration. My only wish is that people dressed more uniquely. I think that following trends and blogs are great but don’t forget that each one of us is an individual and our selections of clothing should be a reflection of who we are as well as what society dictates.


Minnie XOXO