My special opportunity : The UN visit

“We are definitely going to be late” Is what I thought while being on the bus on my way to the United Nation with 6 other friends with me. It was a rainy Monday morning, everyone was not fully awake while meeting up in front of the BJM office at 7 a.m. before getting on the van. There was a total of 3 van and I am in van number 2. Despite the dreary weather, I still look forward to going to the United Nation especially when Mr. Bruce said if we are early, we can go grab a nice hot coffee at the coffee shop before the seminar starts. That would have been great because me and the entire bus was sick and drinking something nice a warm will absolutely be delightful, but unfortunately that did not happened.

Monday morning while raining in the heart of Bangkok isn’t a great combination. The traffic was really bad while the driver decided not to go on the toll way when the BJM office told him to. We were quite worried because our schedule said we should arrive there by 9 a.m. but we ended up arriving at 10 a.m., 1 hour late!

I hurried out of the van while the rain still sprinkles outside, there was a big front gate with a female security guard. She was nice and smiled back when I told her we here for a field trip. I walked through the gate and saw a huge building inside, there were trees, fountains and security guards. I walked into a big modern glass building and met with the security check, just like in the airport. I was astonished at how spacious the place was, and I really like the way it was designed.


Once I entered the meeting room, it looked very professional with the white and brown color combination. I missed half of the first speaker’s lecture but still managed to listen to the second half which she focused on The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). ESCAP focused on sustainable development within the Asia-Pacific region which includes 3 important goals, Environment, Economic growth and Social equality. ESCAP is helping smaller countries in the region and act as their voice and try to balance the inclusive development agenda for the region.

Dr. Riccardo Mesiano was the second speaker, I like the way he talks and the style of his presentation, he knows what he is talking about yet he was able to deliver it in a more relaxed manner. He talks about the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ which originally has 8 goals when it first started back in 2000. In the year 2015 they added more goals which is a total of 17 goals in the name of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“It’s not only important to get the GDP of the country to rise, but the workers condition and salary is important too” said Dr. Mesiano. That is why all of the goals are important and are linked together, when Dr. Mesiano asked everyone in the room what is the most important goal, nearly everyone answered quality education. As education is a foundation that could shape how that person is and most jobs these days require good education. However, in some countries there are still problems with gender equality and females are prohibited to do particular things such as election, can’t drive and countries such as Cambodia or India has a very low rate of women getting education. Not only with females but people in the LGBT community are facing problems as well. As stated above, all the goals goes together and not one can be left out.

One of the students ask about goal number 14 which is life below water, saying “apart from water pollution, isn’t the fisherman that catches the fish cause the population of the fish to decreased?” Dr. Mesiano explained that the problem with over fishing doesn’t rely on small fisherman because they have a certain capacity, but instead the big companies are the cause of the problems. “Most big companies fish in a not sustainable way, for example when they want to fish shrimps they would go out with big nets and they don’t only get the shrimps but they get everything else. This is why the resources disappear fast” stated Dr. Mesiano.

Within one day, or should I say half a day, I was able to gain so much and learn what I never knew about before. Some of the goals and topics are things that we I have studied such as the gender equality in Mr. Bruce class, even though Dr. Mesiano mostly focused on females but every gender in this world needs equality and the same human rights as everybody else. There’s so much information to explain that unfortunately the time ran out and Dr. Mesiano wasn’t able to finish his presentation. However, the knowledge that I have gained, the different perspective and question asked by the students is what important to me. I am glad to be able to have this opportunity and who knows in the future, I might decide to walk the same path as the speakers I have met on that day.

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