Monday morning was never the same

“You are 2 minutes late for our first class, minus 200 points from your quiz” was the first word I heard from Mr. Bruce Avasadanond, my new JM310 Editorial teacher. I thought to myself “this isn’t a really good way to start a class” and I remember being slightly caught off with how strict he was with the time and how much points I have lost in just a number of minutes. Everyone was already assigned to their new group and I was confused at first but luckily, my group member Sasipakorn Tongkamphong called me to where our group has settled.

It started with a quiz and then the fun part, class rules. I was aware of the class rules by my friends who had studied the course last semester, “You can’t wear any perfume to class, you need to always have your name tag, you can’t yawn or sneeze and there are about 7 pages of class rules to memorize!” said Nicharee Inoue. I recall thinking that she might be exaggerating, how could a person not yawn in class? Or sneeze? Still, I was quite skeptical about it as well as quite intimidated by the rules and the overwhelming class work. When the class rules are being distributed to everyone I then realize that this is actually real, everything my friend had told me is true. I carefully read the class rule while trying to absorb all the information, some I understand but some are really odd. I think Mr. Bruce notice that the majority of us are pretty lost with all the rules so he clarified some of the most question’s ones, the ‘not wearing any fragrance rules’. “Some people might be allergic to the fragrance, it can cause headaches, excessive sneezing and even rashes” explained Mr. Bruce “Some companies in the United States have a scent-free policy where you are not allowed to come to work with any fragrance”, this actually clarifies a lot but the no sneezing or yawning rule is still peculiar for me.

Many questions flew through my mind when the first class ended, will I be ready for the work I have to do or finish on time and what about my group work? I was quite worried but I remember talking to my friends and it helped, if they survived then I can. Luckily, I was always on time from that day which really amazed me because I am not an early bird and I really do cherish my sleeping time.

It was definitely one of the toughest class I have ever studied, but although I didn’t want to admit it in the first place, this class really helped me a lot. I was able to come out of my comfort zone and explore many more things out there that I never even noticed before. Mr. Bruce said that he would call for complaints every day while explaining that it is our right to be able to complain if there is a problem because we are the ones who are paying the tax. There were so many new things that I was assigned to do, sending an FOI request or doing an observation on strangers and investigating them.

Attending seminars is something that I have never really thought of doing until Mr. Bruce suggest us to do it for our extra credit, so I decided to give it a try. It was a lot of work I have to admit, but thanks to it, my listening and writing skills have improved drastically.

The group works are exhaustingly draining as to there is so much information to gather, I have worked on e-cigarette for my editorial and street racing for my feature/article. To my surprise, I was able to gain much more than I expected. I was finding sources to interview by trying to call the hospital, interviewed a policeman, looking up journals while making sure that everything is reliable and the most important part, writing.

I went through a frenzy of re-editing the article with my group members, for my first article, we edit it 3-4 times and changed the entire introduction and the concession according to Mr. Bruce comment and we were questioning if he was having a bad day. Those were some very late night work and I was getting really tired of it already. Eventually, we all managed to pull through and I was very happy with the work.

Working on my second article with my new group was also a good experience but way tougher, doing the group work while maintaining the tremendous amount of reading and assignments has definitely worn me out. However, I did learn a lot of interesting things during my second half of the semester. One of it is from our guest speaker from Thaipublica, Kamol Chavanwit or Khun ToomTum, is an investigative journalist who has been uncovering different scandals throughout the years. There were many shocking things that I learned from Khun Toomtum and how risky it is to be an investigative journalist. That is why the majority of people decided to distance themselves from this career path. But I was astonished by his passion despite being very dangerous and a lot of hard work but the drive to show people the truth is what kept him going. “Some of the stories we published are able to make a change and clear out the problem but some don’t, it is because us journalist doesn’t have the power or the authorities to solve things but our duty is to distribute the news and the truth to the people,” said Khun Toomtum.

This semester has been a whirlwind, I have never thought to become fond of this class but I did. And yes there are some things that I don’t really enjoy such as some of the class rules or being very early, but I do understand that coming late is not acceptable in the professional world. But I have gained much more and have the ability to do something out in the field, I have become less shy while presenting and actually got used to it and my writing skills have improved from the very first day. For Mr. Bruce who I thought was slightly mental at first has become someone I admire learning from. I used to think he will always be ferocious and I would be miserable while studying but in contrast, the atmosphere was actually very light, as long as we follow the rules of course. I remember being late for one of my assignments and he said with a smile to not to worry and that I could make it up with my next assignments, he even offered to help me look up some of the journals that I can’t access. Even though his comments for work can be harsh and brutal, he still encourages and compliments us which is what I like, especially the final presentation parties.

I always discuss my works with my dad and told him everything about this JM310 class, after my last group presentation I remember talking to him while feeling very relieved that this was nearly over, he told me “You’ve got to admit, even though he is very tough but you need a teacher like this to keep you all working hard” and I couldn’t agree more.

“You all have survived,” Mr. Bruce.

Yes, we survived.

My special opportunity : The UN visit

“We are definitely going to be late” Is what I thought while being on the bus on my way to the United Nation with 6 other friends with me. It was a rainy Monday morning, everyone was not fully awake while meeting up in front of the BJM office at 7 a.m. before getting on the van. There was a total of 3 van and I am in van number 2. Despite the dreary weather, I still look forward to going to the United Nation especially when Mr. Bruce said if we are early, we can go grab a nice hot coffee at the coffee shop before the seminar starts. That would have been great because me and the entire bus was sick and drinking something nice a warm will absolutely be delightful, but unfortunately that did not happened.

Monday morning while raining in the heart of Bangkok isn’t a great combination. The traffic was really bad while the driver decided not to go on the toll way when the BJM office told him to. We were quite worried because our schedule said we should arrive there by 9 a.m. but we ended up arriving at 10 a.m., 1 hour late!

I hurried out of the van while the rain still sprinkles outside, there was a big front gate with a female security guard. She was nice and smiled back when I told her we here for a field trip. I walked through the gate and saw a huge building inside, there were trees, fountains and security guards. I walked into a big modern glass building and met with the security check, just like in the airport. I was astonished at how spacious the place was, and I really like the way it was designed.


Once I entered the meeting room, it looked very professional with the white and brown color combination. I missed half of the first speaker’s lecture but still managed to listen to the second half which she focused on The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). ESCAP focused on sustainable development within the Asia-Pacific region which includes 3 important goals, Environment, Economic growth and Social equality. ESCAP is helping smaller countries in the region and act as their voice and try to balance the inclusive development agenda for the region.

Dr. Riccardo Mesiano was the second speaker, I like the way he talks and the style of his presentation, he knows what he is talking about yet he was able to deliver it in a more relaxed manner. He talks about the ‘Millennium Development Goals’ which originally has 8 goals when it first started back in 2000. In the year 2015 they added more goals which is a total of 17 goals in the name of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“It’s not only important to get the GDP of the country to rise, but the workers condition and salary is important too” said Dr. Mesiano. That is why all of the goals are important and are linked together, when Dr. Mesiano asked everyone in the room what is the most important goal, nearly everyone answered quality education. As education is a foundation that could shape how that person is and most jobs these days require good education. However, in some countries there are still problems with gender equality and females are prohibited to do particular things such as election, can’t drive and countries such as Cambodia or India has a very low rate of women getting education. Not only with females but people in the LGBT community are facing problems as well. As stated above, all the goals goes together and not one can be left out.

One of the students ask about goal number 14 which is life below water, saying “apart from water pollution, isn’t the fisherman that catches the fish cause the population of the fish to decreased?” Dr. Mesiano explained that the problem with over fishing doesn’t rely on small fisherman because they have a certain capacity, but instead the big companies are the cause of the problems. “Most big companies fish in a not sustainable way, for example when they want to fish shrimps they would go out with big nets and they don’t only get the shrimps but they get everything else. This is why the resources disappear fast” stated Dr. Mesiano.

Within one day, or should I say half a day, I was able to gain so much and learn what I never knew about before. Some of the goals and topics are things that we I have studied such as the gender equality in Mr. Bruce class, even though Dr. Mesiano mostly focused on females but every gender in this world needs equality and the same human rights as everybody else. There’s so much information to explain that unfortunately the time ran out and Dr. Mesiano wasn’t able to finish his presentation. However, the knowledge that I have gained, the different perspective and question asked by the students is what important to me. I am glad to be able to have this opportunity and who knows in the future, I might decide to walk the same path as the speakers I have met on that day.

Gender equality x beauty industry

Hello guys! Today I want to share with you about something that is very close to our daily life. As we all know beauty had always been a part of a womans life, wether it’s make up, fashion or lifestyle and men is left with quite limited access to these things compare to women, but now, everything is changing.


The world of beauty is a big and diverse one. There are many lotions, potions, beauty brands, up and coming cosmetic lines and the industry is simply getting bigger and bigger.

Over the past decade or so, it seems that more men have become open about using and purchasing beauty products. So much so that many beauty brands and companies have made sections featuring products solely targeted towards men.

In a society that’s said to be open-minded and equal, is this a step to equality or a step back? Should men’s products be sectioned or should brands be all-inclusive and section the products based on function and design rather than demographic?

We can see that a lot of men now is wearing makeup, no matter if they are gay or not, some people just want to cover up their acne or want to look a little bit better and there is dedinitely nothing wrong with it.

Let’s take a look at this video


According to Mintel’s latest beauty retailing report, “Consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes, in part driven by the increased visibility of gender diversity. As such, the traditional gender boundaries associated with fashion and beauty trends are becoming progressively blurred.” In terms of its advice for beauty brands, it recommends a more inclusive stance to take into account the increased demand for specialist and informed beauty advice: “With young men being the most likely to agree that they value the advice of beauty bloggers



With beauty bloggers becoming more and more famous we now see a lot of men, transgender opening up about themselves and doing what they like. Before we don’t usuallt see male beauty bloggers or male wearing a lot make up but things have really change in the past several years and all of us can express ourself through the media.

Different brands such as Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a company which strives to have no gender attachment to its product range. The company focuses on sourcing the finest ingredients in the best possible way, helping those who really need it which can be seen with their charity work and campaigns.

Most recently, the hashtag #lushmen has been circulating, featuring men enjoying Lush products – not in a way that is gender-limiting or saying that men must use these products, but as a way of getting out there that men can use Lush products. Men have skin after all!

Charlotte Howe, Head of Promotional Events at Lush Cosmetics, said that, ‘Lush has never had gender-specific products and our packaged and non-packaged cosmetics are appropriate for all genders and ages. Our focus is always on creating the best possible fresh products for our customers’ needs and ensuring that our in-store and online customer experience is exemplary.

‘We are proud of our award winning customer service and hope that both Men and Women enjoy the expertise of our staff during their time on the shop floor.’

Whilst there are a tiny handful of products such as beard and facial wash as well as a breast firming cream, the products prove popular with both men and women. Kalamazoo can be used by women as a facial wash and many women consider it their favourite, whilst a lot of people who partake in sport use the breast cream to tighten and tone the skin after working out – including men.

Trends and fashion may vary, and do play a part in how we perceive certain products, but beyond that, body lotion is body lotion and works regardless of gender. Which brand you choose is often based on personal preference. It is this personal preference that is key.

Some men will only buy products labelled ‘men’ or ‘male’, and for them those products might be all they need. But some women will buy men’s products because they work and some men will buy products targeted at women because they work.

The real question is whether this personal preference has to change. Brands will continue to make the products that are popular, regardless of whether they’re labelled for one gender or another, and you should buy whichever brands work for you and what you are happy with.

Minnue XOXO

The influence of media through beauty styles&trend

Welcome back! Recently you guys might notice that I do focus a lot on beauty trends or styles which is inspired by a lot of korean trends, but today is a little more interesting because me and my friends have team up and collaborate together on this topic, we discuss on what and why media is one of the most important factors on changing peoples perspective and trends. Let’s take a look!

So let’s talk a bit about media, so we all know things have change so much through out the years, all the technologies have developed so much making our lives far more easier than before, and of course, media had as well. In the past people usually communicate through letters or telegrams, when they want to receive the news  they mostly read the newspaper, listen to the radio or when the television was invented they would watch it but with these old media they can only recieve the knowledge and not creating or sharing what they know.

But now things really do change, and thanks to all the social media we are able to open up our world and just explore it with the flick of our finger. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube you name it, these things enable people to share their knowledge, their culture, their life and what is going on at that moment making these things very current.

With make up and beauty people would only know what is going on in their country or what their style is, we can clearly see that through our history with all the tradition dresses or different hairstyles in each country, but with the help of modern media we are now able to know more about our world and even exchange the different styles and trends that we know which is GREAT!

So I’ve talked about the difference in make up between western style and korean style in my previous blog so you can check it out here   >> Make up styles – Western x Korean

But for this blog I’m going to focus on skincares!


With korean skincares there is A LOT of steps! I think you might have heard the 10 step skincare, with koreans they really pay attention to their skin so skincare is very important because their weather is very dry and if we look at it koreans really do like dewy glowy skin!

Step 1: Oil-based cleanser

For the evening, select an oil based cleanser to start with as this will work to remove oil- based makeup and impurities from the skin.

Step 2: Double-cleansing

Following the oil cleanser, use a water-based cleanser to gently remove the oil residue and water-based impurities from the day.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Twice a week use a gentle enzyme or bead-based exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells that can make the complexion appear lack-lustre whilst blocking pores and preventing key product ingredient absorption

Step 4: Toner

To balance the skin’s pH levels, it’s important to apply toner; otherwise the skin can become dry and dehydrated. Toner further helps to absorb the next products you apply.

Step 5: Essence

Essence is a hybrid between a toner and a serum. It works perfectly to hydrate the complexion, aiding cellular turnover for a youthful appearance.

Step 6: Ampoule

Similar to serums, ampoules actually comprise an even higher number of active ingredients to target specific skin care concerns. They’re used for a finite amount of time as a booster when your skin badly needs the extra help.

Step 7: Serum

Concentrated formulas with an unprecedented amount of active ingredients, serums target specific skin concerns like wrinkles, dark spots, and dehydration.

Step 8: Sheet mask

The sheet mask is a Korean beauty favourite – a cloth saturated with skin loving ingredients! Perfect for all skin types, everyone can benefit from these masks which deliver a deeply hydrating and anti-ageing treatment.\

Step 9: Eye cream

Once the skin has absorbed the ingredients from the sheet mask, apply an eye cream to protect and hydrate the delicate eye area. Here, the skin is at its thinnest as there are no sebaceous glands to produce natural oils, so it’s important to keep this area hydrated and protected all day long.

Step 10: Moisturiser

Lastly, select a night time moisturiser to keep those skin loving ingredients locked in, allowing you to wake to a beautifully rejuvenated complexion.

And with morning routine you can just cut the sheet mask step & exfoliate step and just add sunscreen to your routine

With Western skincare is much more simpler


Western don’t often use oil cleanser but rather use mi cellar water to clean their face and a normal facial cleanser afterwards

Clay/Mud mask

They tend to use more of these types of mask to drain out all the impurities and oiliness and leaving their skin nice and clean


A nice concentrate serum is often use here for specific areas and concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines or skin texture


During the summer time they would use a lighter moisturizer while during the winter times they would use thicker creams to keep their skin hydrated

Eye cream

Anti aging or ingredients to reduce dark circles are often seen in a lot of eyecreams here


Even though westerners like to tan a lot but they would usually apply sunscreen on their face to protect dark spots and freckles

But one thing very important for both is….LIP BALM!!  This is to keep your lips nice and moisturize

With both of this trends I’m not saying that only westerners or korean are able to use their skincare steps or beauty trend, all of us are able to incorporate in our lives even some westerners enjoy using korean skincare steps and korean enjoy western make up style. Because we are all open up and able to explore each others culture and share the beauty of it through out the world which is amazing to me.

I’ve learned so much because of media, I’m able to learn how to do different styles of make up and explore what I enjoy in, this is the perk of having new media as a place where we can search and use it in our daily lives

Minnie XOXO


The influence of Youtubers

Hello againn! So, I have to admit that I’m really addicted to watching youtube and I know a lot of you are as well! One of the reason is YouTube’s ability to create stars is no longer a surprise, especially after seeing their impact on huge YouTube-focused events like VidCon. After ten years, the video platform is entrenched in the minds of today’s youth that what someone says on the world’s second largest search engine gains not only respect, but also tons of engagement in comment threads.

Rather than using mass marketing, these influencers come in on the needs of a particular demographic with content focused around niche interests. YouTubers learn from what their fan’s needs, meaning they know exactly how to market to that particular demographic.


But, just like celebrities, these masters of social video can use their powers for good. In fact, some take their influence outside of YouTube’s borders and expand upon their time in the spotlight. Or, more importantly, can partner with brands to create a mutual influence with targeted audiences.

That powerful knowledge and the established loyalty provided by the channel means advertiser who work with the YouTuber can target large audiences in a way that will not disrupt the way they watch and engage with videos.

The value that comes with having the resources to develop a video market on top of public speaking skills can be valuable in order to court future buyers.

Let’s take a look of some of my favorite and very famous youtubers 🙂


Zoe Elizabeth Sugg (born March 28, 1990 [age 27]), widely known on YouTube by her channel name, Zoella, is a British YouTube personality who creates content based on her beauty-guru lifestyle and makes vlogs about such. In addition to being a YouTube sensation with over 12,000,000 subscribers, she is also a blogger on her website too. Her current schedule includes uploading a video most Sundays on her main channel, Zoella, and often uploading vlogs or extras/bloopers from her main channel videos on Morezoella


She has produced two novels and holds the rights of the ‘Girl Online’ franchise. These books respectively are called ‘Girl Online’ and its follow-up, ‘Girl Online: On Tour’. As well as these books she has her own beauty line named ‘Zoella Beauty’ which she is constantly adding new products to. In March 2015, to promote Sport Relief, Zoe appeared on a special of The Great British Bake Off alongside other celebrities.

A lot of people enjoy watching her because of her fun personality.



Michelle Phan

Arguably, Michelle Phan has done the most for her personal DIY beauty brand in the business world. Though she started with makeup tutorials on YouTube (I remember watching her since I was 13!), Michelle never felt completely tied down to one channel to connect with her fans. What she does that’s unique is integrate YouTube into her own business ventures.She reaches audiences interested in learning more about fashion or trying on new makeup styles for certain occasions. With her makeup tutorial videos, Phan showcases a lot of different makeup and fashion brands and what kinds of secondary occasions to use them for.

She fills up her videos with fashion tips, and along the way adds reasons to purchase and use the products she promotes. These DIY beauty tips provide value for girls who think a stylist is wasteful, or just would like to learn new techniques. It’s an opportunity for girls to get expert recommendations on what kinds of makeup to buy together and how to use it from a trusted source.


Michelle has startedher own make up company called ‘Em cosmetics’ where she designs and took years to create her products and working with the brand ‘Ipsy’ where people can register and get samples from different brands to try out.



Ranking number 2 in the Variety study, up second is Let’s Play gamer Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. PewDiePie plays a variety of games ranging from indie horror games to triple A games. He separates his playthroughs into digestible segments for fans to watch at their own leisure.

For the most part, PewDiePie takes a different approach than Michelle Phan: He brings the outside world to his channel. He’s had a lot of press coverage lately because basically, he sits around and talks about video games on YouTube.

PewDiePie’s special sauce comes from how he plays games. His bios just about everywhere note that his videos are dotted with profanity. While critics in the media dislike this, that’s exactly what his fans come to his channel for. It’s Let’s Play style, which basically means he treats his audience like a friend and they watch him react to key gaming moments.

There’s a lot of trial and error in video games, and gamers benefit from him failing first before trying out the games themselves. It’s easy to watch his videos because it’s a get a taste of how the games will make people feel or react before actually purchasing the game. Let’s Play style videos capitalize on the interest.


Pewdiepie is ranked number 1 on YouTube based on subscribers alone, meaning every video published is guaranteed to get a lot of views. Videos involving horror and/or indie games prove especially reactive to his fans. The power of popularity has been likened to the Oprah’s book club, where anything he touches gets a boost in sales. If he talks about an upcoming game release, the influence triggers games like “Surgeon Simulator” and the subsequent “Goat Simulator” to receive a notable amount of coverage and increase game purchases.



Honorary Mention: Tyler Oakley
Just in 2014, Tyler Oakley hosted a Grammy livestream, a Barbie launch for Fifth Harmony, represented Pepsi at the Super Bowl, Met Obama, Interviewed Michelle Obama, worked the red carpet at the MTV awards, hosted a live listening of the soundtrack of The Fault in Our Stars, raised $500,000 for the Trevor Project on his birthday, became a Taco Bell ambassador, and started his own personal tour.

Tyler Oakley’s audience and hosting expertise has turned him into a bridge between live events and the millennials that many large brands want to target. While this YouTube star has risen past many of his peers, this brand ambassador is working his way into pop culture brands. One of the reasons why fans enjoy watching him is because of his fun and bubbly personality, you can always get a laugh by watching him!



The Importance Of Video Influence
The strengths of all three influencers can be seen with their average view counts on their videos and with their subscription base. Investing in developing a relationship with YouTube celebrities can pay off in the long run as their subscriptions continue to grow and they continue to learn more about their video demographics.

YouTube as a platform will keep evolving, and new users will enter the spotlight every year, so it’s best to have a community manager keep a pulse on growing trends on the world’s second largest search engine.

But the best way to judge a rising star comes with the comment section. YouTubers develop their influence best with an engaged audience likely to share their content. This is what influencers have to offer brands. Each video released is guaranteed to get high views and has the potential go viral.

So if you want to be a youtuber just go for it! But when we get known by the society there will always be negativity towards you just remember that we are unable to impress everybody in this world so just be nice and be yourself 🙂


Minnie XOXO

Fashion: Does social media affect our buying decision?

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about how media has an impact on fashion. After thinking about it, I came to realize that how we dress nowadays are the stuffs that are mostly in trend or what we can see through a lot of social medias.


maxresdefault (2).jpg


I have never really been able to figure out why I love wearing white, black, navy and grey. By the sound of my color palate you would think I’m an unhappy, dark individual but, I’m actually quite the opposite. I’m outgoing and bubbly, yet I love wearing less color  or even all black outfits. So what is the deal? I realized that I wear almost all neutrals because it is what the celebrities and fashion bloggers wear. Tell me the last time you saw Kim Kardashian, the Olsen twins, Kanye West or Cara Delevingne in bright colored clothing…? It would probably be pretty hard to do. I am very intrigued by fashion and so I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and fashion icons on social media. It is natural to want to dress like celebrities and wear what they are wearing and when social media is constantly advertising their looks it begins to affect our buying decisions. We start to gravitate toward the top that looks like the one Lauren Conrad was photographed in or the jacket that Jay Z wore during his On The Run Tour. Seeing what celebrities are wearing has never been easier than now.

The fashion industry has greatly benefited from the expansion of social media, as it has been able to grow bigger than ever before. Fashion and social media have coalesced together to become one powerful conglomerate. Designers and brands are finding new inventive ways to use social media to boost their business and exposure. For example, many fashion shows do Live tweeting to instantly showcase their lines and generate hundreds of ‘favorites’ and ‘retweets’ that create hype for the brand.



Twitter has also allowed fashionistas across the globe to get an inside look into Fashion Week through live Tweets. Last year, designers, brands, writers and celebrities provided live Tweeting insight on Fashion Week that made it simple for people to stay informed. Some trending hashtags included #NYFW (New York Fashion Week), #MBFW (Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and #FNO (Fashion Night Out). By checking out these hashtags and keeping up with live Tweets people were able to see the hottest looks on the runways only seconds after they were debuted.


When your Twitter feed is cluttered with floral prints, Birkenstocks, crop tops, and metallic accessories you may feel like you need to dress in those clothes in order to fit in or look “trendy” and fashionable, that is if you choose to look trendy. If I am being honest I am guilty of owning most of the things on that list. If I think about it though I would never have gone shopping for them and picked them out on my own because, quite frankly, most of them are strange and something I won’t gravitate to as much. The only reason I wear them is because Twitter, Intsagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have told me they are in style, since I’ve seen them all over social media.


Pinterest is perhaps one of the most influential social media sites when it comes to fashion. If there is one board that nearly every single girl has on her Pinterest it is a style board. Whether it is named, ‘My Style,’ ‘My Closet,’ ‘Dream Closet,’ ‘Fashion,’ or anything related to fashion, you know it exists! Pinterest has fueled social medias influence on our buying decision with its thousands of adorable outfits that get pinned again and again.

Many women, including myself, use Pinterest as a fashion inspiration site. We pin outfits that we like then we try to recreate them. Whenever I am having one of those moments when I look in my overfilled closet and think, “I have NOTHING to wear” I look on Pinterest for some help. I wouldn’t have thought to pair the floral skirt with a striped tank but on Pinterest it looks so cute! And just like that, I am swayed into wearing something I would not have thought about wearing on my own. That is how Pinterest works. It subliminally gets us to dress the way the models do in the pictures. Seeing multiple friends also pin the same outfit reassures us that it is a good look and it makes us think we should dress that way too.



Beauty Bloggers, Fashion Bloggers and Celebrity has a HUGE impact, with the huge amount of followers they have it is easy for them to persuade us into liking and buying stuff, that is why we can see that a lot of them get sent PR packages to review it online or pay them to wear their clothes because these brands knows that it is most likely to get a huge number of sales by using this strategy.

In addition to fashion bloggers and celebrities, fashion brands are quickly earning a strong presence on Instagram. L2 Think Tank, a digital-focused intelligence service, surveyed 249 high-standing fashion brands in 2014 and concluded that 93 percent of them had Instagram accounts. When we follow these fashion brands on Instagram we become familiarized with their products and style, which then further sways our buying decisions.

Shopping through the racks would be much more difficult if we didn’t have social media feeding us the latest fashion trends and looks. There would be a lot more uncertainty in your purchases of crop tops, metallic accessories and camouflage print purses. But, because we are exposed to fashion on nearly every social media platform we are told these things are trendy and appropriate to buy.


I ask myself, what would our closets and the fashion industry look like without social media? For one, there would probably be considerably less daring, super in-trend outfits worn by us everyday people. Without the reassurance of ‘likes’, pins, and retweets we wouldn’t be as confident about wearing bright blue mirrored sunglasses or floppy wool hats. I also believe that we would dress much differently from one another. Our outfits would illustrate a greater amount of individuality. Tell me if I’m wrong but, I think every college girl has at least one pair of Nike sneakers, Ray-Ban aviators, white/black skinny jeans, cutoff high-waisted jean shorts, and a dress. One of the reasons why this happens is because at the end of a week an entire sorority will have pinned the exact same outfit. If social media and fashion were not as embedded in each other we would also have to go back to reading magazines to find out the new cutting-edge trends and styles.

I personally like that social media has taken on such a big role in the fashion industry. It keeps me up to date on everything fashion, gives me outfit inspiration. My only wish is that people dressed more uniquely. I think that following trends and blogs are great but don’t forget that each one of us is an individual and our selections of clothing should be a reflection of who we are as well as what society dictates.


Minnie XOXO

Make up styles – Western x Korean

We all know that Korean trends such as beauty, fashion, food are really popular right now, to me I also enjoy Korean trends as well as western beauty styles as well. To be honest I kind of gravitate more towards the western style (apart from the overly lined lips, that is just now my style) and I think it would be fun to show the differences between both 2 different style, showing how each culture and society have their own differences.





Western – girls tend to choose a foundation cream that is warm or cool in color to match various skin tones and hair colors. Examples of warm colors are pumpkin, camel, peach, brown and olive. Some cool colors are blue, gray, pink. Sometimes, lighter and darker shades are mixed to match the complexion.

Korean – Asian girls tend use a brighter color foundation, since it will highlight their face and match the naturally black hair color. A famous Korean product used by Asian girls is BB cream, which stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. There is also CC cream, which stands for “color correcting” or “color control”.



Western – Contouring and bronzing are huge trends in American makeup. The purpose of contouring is to enhance the structure of your face (cheekbone, jaw, forehead etc ). Highlighting is when you want a lighter shade to make parts of your face stands out. While bronzing is used to make the skin appear more tan and bronze hence the name, as we all know western people enjoy being tan because they find it more flattering and healthy looking.

Korean – They use very subtle amount of contouring product and mostly focus with cream contour rather than powders because they appear more natural on the skin. Korean people don’t use bronzer to bronze their skin, they want their skin to appear light because they find it more youthful looking.



maxresdefault (1).jpg

Western – They are well known for using different kinds of powders to set their face, loose powder, foundation powder or compact powders are very popular and often used in most of their daily routines. The most common thing we can see now is baking, westerners enjoy baking their face because this technique keeps their face make up lasting longer.


Korean – They use minimal powder on their face and often leave their skin looking quite dewy. Most of the time Korean people enjoy making their skin looking very glowy and dewy because of the dry weather, so they tend to not set their entire face just on small specific areas.



Western – Western girls tend to focus their blush towards their cheekbone to give them a more lifted look to their face, colors are used in a wide variety of shades – Pink, orange, peach, mauve, purple tones, even berry colors depending on the season.

Korean – Korean girls would focus their blush around the apples of their cheeks, giving them a fresh and youthful appearance. They would mostly use pink, orange, or peachy colors.


Eyebrows – This has to be one of the obvious difference we could see from both syles

Western – We all know that eyebrows on fleek was a thing and it is still now, western girls would normally draw on their brows quite full and arched. Some tend to go for a natural look and won’t carved their brows with concealer but would use small brush strokes to make the brows look a bit more bushy, some may not like a full on arch brows and would go for a slight curve to it.

Korean – It is totally the opposite from the Western style, Koreans would go for a straight eyebrows, very light stroke and would normally use a few shades lighter than their actual hair color. Now some Korean go for a slight curve with their brows but they still keep the natural brow look theme.



Western – It is now a huge trend with highlighters, most girls would go full on with their highlights, ‘Blinding is key’ say a lot of the people. They enjoy the reflects that it gives to their skin, using a light brush to their face gives them a healthy glow while they also like to pack it on giving a more glamorous look to it. Mainly focusing on their cheekbone, brow bone, cupids bow and nose bridge.

Korean – Natural is goal, same with highlight, Korean women wants to create a subtle but healthy/dewy glow to their skin. They would use cream highlighters rather than powder highlighters to give a very natural but dewy effect. They also focus on their nose bridge and their cheek bones and sometimes their forehead and lips.




Western – this makeup style really tries to bring out the creases and contour of the eyes with highlighting color on the brow bone, darker shadow to the outer corner of the lid and to the crease. There’s a lot more room for creativity with eye shadows here. We often see a lot of colorful shades with a combination of mattes, shimmers, glitters and even rhinestones. The look, of course, isn’t finished without bold lashes and visible mascara. The bolder the better!


Korean – That’s not to say Asian girls don’t have fun with different eye makeup looks. But since they tend to have large lid space or a single-eyed lid, a single bright color is usually used to highlight the eyes and create that glowing innocent look. Eyeliner is more often used in Asian girls’ makeup routines. There are many types of eyeliner and so many ways to apply them! Feeling sexy? Try a cat-eyed shape. Innocent? Lightly line the top eyelid. Fashion-forward? Wing your eyeliner out to the sides. Curled lashes are extremely important to open up the eyes with light mascara. Natural looking makeup is more preferred.



Western – The Kylie lips are what everyone is trying to achieve. They would over line their lips to make it appear more full and often use mattes shade of nudes, red, dark berry or pinks and peaches and would sometime add a touch of gloss to make it very plump.

Korean – Gradient lips are the top look in Asian girl makeup style. Many colors are used but pink and peach are the most popular. Concealer is usually used instead of lipliner to tone down the lip color and create the illusion of ombre lip, where the color is only strong in the center of the lip. It’s pretty much the opposite of Western makeup style.


We all see now that both of them have very different styles but that doesn’t mean that they can’t try other make up styles. Some koreans like western make up styles and some Westerners like Korean make up styles, it creates different cultural diffusion towards different countries, with people exchanging and experiencing new cultures and trends we are able to like more things that what our society decides. We could say that make up has no boundaries because everyone can enjoy it no matter if you are a girl, boy, transgender old or young.


Minnie XOXO






Beauty Pop cultures x Beauty standards throughout the years

What is beauty?  And who decides?  In the pop culture arena, we all have a good idea.  Ultimately, it’s the marketing executives in a broad range of intertwining industries— advertising, film, fashion, television, and magazine publishing.

But there is a growing resistance to what has been considered the “idealized female image,” according to research summarized at   Using a “celebrity or model embracing a product or draping themselves across it” may do more harm than good when the potential customer is female.

The very presence of the model led to a loss of self-confidence as the consumer (mostly female) looked at the advertisement. The difference between being turned away and making a purchase depended on how consciously aware they were of the model’s ideal features and beauty compared to their own self image. But as we are all aware, the definition of beauty has changed so much due to all the popular culture that we are consuming everyday…especially teenagers!

We all see models with perfect features, great body, long legs and beautiful skin but how about we look back at what once used to be the “perfect body” for the society



1910 The Gibson Girl

Meet the “it girl” of the era: the Gibson Girl. Illustrator Charles Gibson was the early 1900s what trend setting fashion photographers are today. His dream girl, broadcast on the pages of LIFE magazine, Collier’s, and Harper’s, quickly became the famous on their era. Women raced to copy the signature look, a showstopping feminine body like a looping figure 8, thanks to a super cinched corset. (Don’t try this at home!) Linda M. Scott writes in Fresh Lipstick: Redressing Fashion and Feminism, “The Gibson Girl was not dainty… she was dark, regal in bearing, and quite tall.”


1920 The Flapper!

Say bye-bye to monumental curves, statuesque height, fussy updos, and all that jazz and hello to the flapper. Unlike the frozen beauty of the decade before, the flapper is constantly in motion. The exaggerated curves of Gibson are gone and replaced with small bust and hips.

In fashion, the waistline moves several inches below the navel, making narrow hips a necessity. But don’t be fooled, the flapper doesn’t lack sex appeal, the focus has simply shifted downward to the legs, where a shorter knee-length hemline could expose the flash of a garter while doing a “shimmy” (It’s a kind of dance while your body shakes or sway, pretty cool to try!)  Margaret Gorman, crowned as the first Miss America in 1921, was the era’s ideal.

1930 The Soft Siren

Following the stock market crash, spirits dip back down and so do hemlines. Dresses are now draped on the bias (a type of sewing where you cut the fabric diagonally). It’s a less boxy, more fitted silhouette. The natural waist (around the belly button) comes back and there’s a hint of shoulder too. And the flat chested look so popular in the 1920s gives way to a small bust line, likely a direct result of the new bra cup size invented in this era. The media embraces a slightly more curvaceous body, making this era moving forward in a very good way, petite look of the 1920s toward the curvier 1940s. Photoplay, the People magazine of its day, declares actress Dolores del Rio to have the best figure in Hollywood. The article applauds her “warmly curved” and “roundly turned” figure.

1950 The Hourglass

Welcome to the era of the hourglass. In the 1950s, the ideal body type reaches Jessica Rabbit or Marilyn Monroe proportions. After the angularity of the war era, a soft voluptuousness was prized above everything. Ads at the time even advised “skinny” women to take weight-gain supplements to fill out their curves. Playboy  magazine and Barbie were both created in this decade (yes, Barbie was created nearly 70 years ago! Something I’ve never knew before) trending a tiny-waist, large-chested ideal. Fashions also showcased this body type with the rounded shapes of sweetheart necklines and circle skirts.

1960 The Twig

The swinging 60s brings the pendulum back in the other direction. Thin is in. And Jessica-Rabbit proportions are out. The look is now fresh faced, girlish, and appeal to both male and female. Models like Twiggy and Jean Shrimptom (aka “The Shrimp”) represented a new ideal look, doll faced, super slender, and petite. The clothing supports this look are shrunken shift dresses remove the cinched waistline, and fashion demands of a smaller bust and slim hips. (Sound familiar? It’s the same style as we saw from Gibson girl to flapper.)

1970 The Disco Diva

Disco! Jumpsuits! Bell bottoms! This decade was a raging party. But the party girl of the day was still pressured to maintain a slim hipped, flat stomached body in order to rock these fashions at the discotheque.Synthetic fabric like polyester and spandex are embraced, but they’re also far more revealing compared to fabrics of the past. The overall look remains lean, especially in the torso, but curves start to come back.

Like the 1930s, this decade is a step away from the petite look of the 1960s. And following the black pride and “black is beautiful” movements of the 1960s, Beverly Johnson becomes the first black woman to grace the cover on Vogue, while Darnella Thomas stars in a groundbreaking “Charlie” fragrance ad.

1980 The Supermodel

Amazonian supermodels reign supreme. These tall, leggy women come to represent the new feminine ideal. Women like Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista lead the stampede off the runway and into the heart of pop culture, dominating the media and music videos of this decade.

The 1980s also went in to an era of fitness, thanks to Jane Fonda. Aerobics and jogging take off, and for the first time, muscles are acceptable and desirable on women. It’s both empowering and discouraging—one more beauty standard to add to a lengthening list.(True, beauty standard now is all about looking fit and having muscles which I cleary don’t have!)


2000 The Buff beauty

Supermodel Giselle Bundchen brings sexy back, according to Vogue. She’s credited with ending the era of “heroin chic.” Gone with the pale, gaunt, glass eyed look of the 90s. Now we enter an era of visible abs and airbrushed tans. Bundchen is crowned “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” by Rolling Stone magazine and dominates the runway, print ads, Victoria Secret’s lingerie show, and the red carpet with Leonardo DiCaprio (I know, I know..they’ve dated before). Hollywood actresses follow her lead hiring a small group of personal trainers and layering on a couple coats of spray tan during awards season.

2010 The Booty

It is all about the booty and we all see it, with Nicki minaj Anaconda music video or J.Lo it is safe to say that people now pay a lot of attention to their booty and curves. Kim kardashian, Kylie jenner, Beyonce all have beautiful and nice hourglass figure to their body (maybe kim is a little to excessive with her booty thing) but we can definitely see the resemblance with the 1950s era.


Beauty standards change all the time, when new trends comes in, the old one dies out (maybe not completely but I think you know what I mean). I know that the current beauty standard is very important to all of us even to me, I would like to change myself to look better and feel better but not in a way of pressuring myself to look exactly the same as my favorite supermodel. I also hope that everyone realize that beauty standards isn’t everything in our lives, they come and go but what’s important is who we are and how we feel with ourselves.

Minnie XOXO

Influential fashion designers

Hi guys! I’ve been looking at quite a lot of fashion shows clothing designs, and while studying postmodernism in my class I was curious to know how the postmodernism in the fashion industry works and what kind of designs are out there. Let’s get in to it!



Fashion, especially catwalk shows, has always been considered a bit weird. The truth is anything postmodern can be considered a bit out of the box because it defies its traditional conventions and creates its own style. Postmodernism in fashion and design has developed mainly over the last 20 years with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen demonstrating its key elements.

For example, the relationships between art and popular culture have been revised, as art is no longer just a painting on a wall, but an abstract garment that is available for the public to wear. Fashion designs which were previously only available for the very rich  with cash to splash are now being brought into popular culture, for example contestants on the X factor are often seen wearing high fashion labels such as Valentino. The collections are constructed products and designers are influenced by the postmodern element of using a mix of the old designs and conventions with new ideas and create an entirely new design, for example a 60’s hippy influence mixed with 80’s grunge.


It’s the most obvious example of style over substance for example the intensely ripped jeans from a collection from Maison Martin Margiela. Celebrities can be seen sporting similar styles, which aren’t at all practical for everyday life yet people buy into this celeb-obsessed culture, even though there isn’t actually a lot of clothing for the money you may pay. But that’s ‘FASHION’.

Now let’s take a look at some of the famous influential designers


Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood found her place in fashion during the rise of the 1970s Punk movement, helping to set the tone for new wave music and creative freedom. Donning tartan checks and her go-to leather jacket, Vivienne Westwood maintained her punk spirit which she claims she adopted because she “was upset with what was going on in the world”. Living in a world where the older generation failed to make changes, Vivienne found the punk scene her calling. She continued to push the boundaries of fashion with her then trademark bleach blonde bedhead hair style. This type of exhibitionism evoked the exact type of reaction she anticipated, she is a pioneer for using fashion to provoke emotions and shock her audience with her candidly wild life.

In 1965 with all her creativity, she discovered the role fashion could play in politics. It was then that she truly realised the influence her work could have on the way British people saw the world.


Her Autumn/Winter 1993-1994 collection, shown at Paris Fashion Week, was quintessentially British and some say her most famous catwalk show. The entire affair was an exhibition of all things 90s, for which Vivienne worked alongside Scottish craftsmen to create her own tartan pieces. She layered plenty necklaces and even had Kate Moss fronting the show along with her best friend Naomi Campbell.

These days you can find Vivenne Westwood commenting on International politics, campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament and marching on the streets of London for The People’s Climate. She does so alongside activist models and friends she has made in the industry that share her devoted approach to using fashion as a political voice. She is known to have donated more than £1,000,000 to the Cool Earth charity, protecting endangered rainforests, and is openly dedicated to others like it. Her attitude towards sustainable fasion is projected in her work with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, whom she has worked with since 2013 developing her “handmade with love” collection usingrecycled materials collected from Nairobi’s biggest slum. The collection includes patchwork bags and hand-beaded clutches.







Alexander McQueen

McQueen is most known for his theatrical designs and powerful runway shows. His runway shows were always anticipated and would leave a trail on controversy afterwards. He is one of the few designers who are bold enough to present collections that shocked spectators and held qualities that other refer to as “disturbed and raw.” He has brought many elements that impacted the fashion industry with things like his bumster pants, skull print, theatrical runway shows, and extreme silhouettes. Burton is doing a magnificent job today keeping these elaborate elements of McQueen’s designs but it can honestly be said that the extreme factor is not the same.


Many events in the 1990’s brought along controversy and chaos. At this time, the gay-rights movement was going on which fought for the protection of civil rights for homosexuals. Scandals happened during this decade various times including the Bill Clinton scandal and the Heaven’s Gates cult took the lives of thirty nine people through a mass suicide. It is within all of this that McQueen found inspiration. Each collection he presented and runway shows were based off a certain theme with a deep meaning.

The last runway show he did which was his Spring/Summer 2010 line where he introduced his famous “armadillo shoes.” The runway show properly named “Survival of the Fittest” featured models walking in elaborate and dangerously high-heels that resembled an armadillo. Many thought it was just part of the design, but these shoes are actually part of the moral of the show. These models are fighting to walk on the runway with these glamorous but potentially harmful shoes and putting on an incredible exhibition. In other runway shows, he uses different themes that relates to current times, such as political, fantasy, theater, and much more.  McQueen looks at anything for inspiration. Whether it be people like stylist Isabella Blow, or events that occur at the time. He also like to mix in elements to his designs like nature. He has one catwalk show based off on water and futurism, and another based off of moths.

McQueen is iconic because he was not in the fashion industry for long but for the time he was, he managed to blow everybody away. His gift for tailoring allows him to create the imaginative designs he is known for and to construct breathtaking runway shows. He has set new trends not just in the clothing itself, but also on how designers present their collections. He is the first to use models who do not fit the stereotypical mold. He once even used a former Paralympian, Aimee Mullins, to wear a pair of hand carved wooden prosthetic legs on his catwalk. He never cared for working with supermodels and when he does, he often enjoys messing with them and getting them out of their comfort zone. His mixture of extreme silhouettes on theatrical catwalks truly put on a performance you would never forget. This “wow” factor in McQueen is what made him stand out and is one of the main reasons why he is so missed. You can always expect the unexpected from McQueen and that is why he is an icon.

We can say that both McQueen and Westwood had amazed everyone with their outstanding and out of the ordinary imagination that they’ve turned it into fashion, they are not afraid to create something new and doesn’t care if people would look at it as being weird because fashion is art, and art has no boundaries.



Trendy beauty products in Korean series!

Hello again and well come back! It’s been a while since my last blog upload but now I’m here with a little bit of change 🙂 My previous blog post mainly focus on beauty and make up stuff but now I’m adding more content to my blog! (even with my newer contents they will be connected to beauty)

Recently I’ve been watching quite a lot of korean series, I was able to finish 4 series in the past month (I’ve got about a month holiday so that give me loads of free time!) I usually watch some series from time to time and after watching for a few years I’ve noticed a lot of trends going online, but what I see a lot especially on social media is all the make up trends, beauty trends, what clothes and hairstyles does the actor or actress wearing which I find has grown A LOT through out the years.

People tend to get all hyped up with what product do the actor and actress use in their series and often went out and by the same product (I’m also one of them haha) so after seeing this different brands would come a sponsor series so they can use the brands product in the series with people using more and more internet and social media this is a pretty smart move for the brands.

We could see that they would normally promote the product while the series are airing, this is how they make a HUGE impact on their sales and often use social media to promote as well.

I’ve gathered up some of my favorites k0rean dramas and different make up looks and products that the actresses use in the series

  1. Descendant of the sun


Everyone must have heard about this series, this is one of the biggest hits in 2016. With the huge budget production (which paid off really well) and great cast. The main actress Kang Mo-Yeon played by Song Hye Kyo, played as a doctor in this series and with her fresh yet minimal looks has made eveyone wanted to do the same make up look as she did.

One of the main sponsor in this series is Laneige, personally I’ve known Laneige for quite a long time now and really like their skincare products but after seeing this series I’ve become more and more interested in their make up lines. The biggest hit has to be the two tone lip bar which contains 2 lipstick colors – a light shade and a darker shade. The shade that Song Hye Kyo uses are No.11  Juicy Pop and  No.14 Dear Pink and to be honest… this is also the reason why I got the lipstick too..yes I ended up buying it because of this series and so did my friends and many girls out there! XD

2. You who came from the stars

People who watch this would know about the To manager fever, but let’s be real the actress (Jun Jihyun) in this movies is so stunning! She looks great with any kind of clothes she wears and not to talk about the make up in this series,  she plays as Cheon Songyi who is a superstar in the series (in real life too) so we know that the hair and make up will definitely be on point.

This was a really big hit back in 2013 and people were going crazy about the make up looks, for example the YSL Rouge pur couture No.52 was sold out every where including in Thailand people had to ordered from ebay which the price had doubled up but in the end the real brand who sponsored the series is actually from Amorepacific, this just goes to tell you how things can get really hyped up and become a huge trend just from people talking about it online.

The actual lipstick is from a brand called IOPE which is a part of the Amorepacific corporation and there are 3 shades that she uses in this series No.44 forever pink, No.18 classic red and No.23 violet pink.

3.Legend of the blue sea

This series had just aired their last episode a few weeks ago with 2 big star cast, Lee Minho and Jun Jihyun you guess it.. the feedback is great!! With Jun Jihyun playing as a mermaid in this drama and with her acting skills it’s just what I need. From my research this series also has a lot of sponsors including Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Ysl and so on, but the make up that she actually uses in the series is Hera.

I remember watching one of the episode and while she was getting ready the shots shows us how she uses different product from the brand…smart move again! It includes the Hera UV mist cushion, Rouge Holic lipstick in 147 Supreme pink and sensual lip serum glow in No.1 Love blossom and a few other skincare products.

and last but now least let’s talk about hairstyles! The trending hairstyle for the main actress has to be the see through bangs, from descendant of the sun to Doctors.

With it feminine yet natural look it gives an appearance as if you had just woken up with this beautiful effortless bangs which in reality takes some time to style it 🙂 It had become a big trend that now eveyone is rocking bangs and thanks to the power of social media where we are all able to keep up with all the trends going on..and maybe even make one! But seriously these see through bangs is now getting so popular that even my friends also decided to have one too 🙂

From watching a lot of series and looking up online about these things I can tell you that TV series or actors have a very big impact to the society, they can influence a wide group of audience which is great way of marketing your products and branding in general, that is why we see a lot of famous people in ads or as a brand ambassadors because they know that they will be able to gain a lot of customers from these celebrity.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next blog!!

Minnie XOXO